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Composer – Symfony Backdoor? Could not load package ztec/security-active_directory

Please keep in mind that this post was written more than 2 years ago and might be outdated.

Today during routine production server update using capifony I got error like this

  Could not load package ztec/security-active_directory in http://packagist.org: [UnexpectedValueException] Could not parse version constraint v4.0-stable

  Could not parse version constraint v4.0-stable
Thing is we never used bundle ztec/security-active_directory and CTRL + F on project shows 0 results for this string.

Does anyone know why composer tries to install ztec/security-active_directory during php composer.phar install?

If you get here by Google please post your thoughts about this in comment, then maybe you could help me solve this issue by providing more information

If you want to use this bundle and get error from above it’s caused by dependency https://packagist.org/packages/adldap/adldap and disapered after running php composer.phar self-update

Update #1

Found commit that is cause of this error, but still we don’t have a clue why this bundle is loaded into our project :/



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